All the main Factory Outlet Shopping Centers in Lombardy and Milan

All the main Factory Outlet Shopping Centers in Lombardy and Milan

Lombardy, the region hosting the fashionable and glamorous city of Milan, is one of Italys richest and most populated regions. Lombardy is also a very important agricultural center and a leader figure in industrial and commercial sectors, thanks to the presence of the city of Milan as an international center of business and fashion.

As already mentioned, this region (along with Tuscany) has always been an important center for textile production; Italian high-quality textile made Italian fashion brands famous and appreciated all over the world. The mark of “Made in Italy” is today a synonym of quality and accurate working, which means that all those products and materials are certified by the proper authorities.

High-class fashion stores offer high-quality products but the prices are often out of the way. However, outlet stores – widely spread all over Italy – offer Italian and international brands at lower prices, without forgetting the high quality of products.

In Lombardy there are many outlet villages and stores. Some of the biggest villages are the “Franciacorta Outlet Village”, placed in the province of Brescia, which gathers more than 150 national and international brand stores.

Another Outlet Shopping Center in Lombardy is the “Fashion District Mantova”, located in the city of Mantua, more or less two hours away from Milan. This Factory Outlet Shopping Center in Lombardy gathers more than 100 stores and offers clothing and accessories able to suit all tastes.

People can also find many mono-brand Outlet Stores in Lombardy. For example, in Milan two of the most famous mono-brand outlet stores are the “D&G: Dolce and Gabbana Industria” and the “Outlet Marzotto Factory Store”. Marzotto is one of the most famous brands and a world leader in the textile industry and this Outlet Center in particular gathers some of the group’s controlled brands, such as Valentino, Missoni, Marlboro Classics, Uomo Lebole, Borgofiori and many others.

In the province of Bergamo, we can find the “Outlet T.R.S. Revolution – Trussardi” where one can find Trussardi clothing specifically produced for the outlet store, pieces of older collections and also some piece of the current season collection, all at discount prices.

Moving to the area of Como, there’s the “Armani Factory Store”, Armani’s mono-brand Outlet, where people will be able to find anything from the casual Armani/Emporio Armani collection, to the higher-class/more elegant one. Furthermore, the store also offers a wide variety of accessories and underwear.

Shopping-addicts can also choose to enjoy one of the many Outlets and Shopping Tours in Milan. For a half-day, a Private Tour will offer the chance to visit some of the top designers stores in Milan accompanied by an expert who will offer shopping and style tips.

People can also opt for the “Serravalle Outlet Shopping Tour” and make an 8-hour shopping session among the top designers outlet stores. This Tour departs from Milan and heads to Serravalle Designer Outlet, Italy’s leading shopping mall.

Otherwise, one can cross the border and shop at Mendrisio Foxtown Outlet in Switzerland, where customers will have more than 130 stores to choose among.

Come doing shopping in Lombardy and Milan, the real dimension of fashion.